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By the age of 13, she had appeared on Broadway in Seen but Not Heard. During this period, Baxter learned her acting craft as a student of actress and teacher Maria Ouspenskaya. In , she was cast as Katharine Hepburn 's little sister in the play The Philadelphia Story , but Hepburn did not like Baxter's acting style, and she was replaced during the show's pre-Broadway run.

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Rather than giving up, she turned to Hollywood. At 16, Baxter screen-tested for the role of Mrs. DeWinter in Rebecca. Director Alfred Hitchcock deemed Baxter too young for the role, but she soon secured a seven-year contract with 20th Century Fox. Baxter later recalled, "I was getting almost as much mail as Betty Grable. I was our boys' idealized girl next door. Baxter later recounted that The Razor's Edge contained her only great performance, a hospital scene where the character Sophie "loses her husband, child and everything else.


In , Baxter was chosen to co-star in All About Eve largely because of a resemblance to Claudette Colbert , who originally was cast but dropped out and was replaced by Bette Davis. The original idea was to have Baxter's character gradually come to mirror Colbert's over the course of the film. She said she modeled the role on a bitchy understudy she had for her debut performance in the Broadway play Seen but Not Heard at the age of 13 and who had threatened to "finish her off.

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Henry's Full House , her last project for Fox. Baxter left 20th Century Fox in In , Baxter contracted a two-picture deal for Warner Brothers. DeMille 's award-winning The Ten Commandments.

Anne Hathaway is married to Adam Shulman and struggles with infertility

Her scenes were shot on Paramount's sound stages in , and she attended the film's New York and Los Angeles premieres in November Despite criticisms of her interpretation of Nefertari, DeMille and The Hollywood Reporter both thought her performance was "very good," [12] [13] and The New York Daily News described her as "remarkably effective.

DeMille asked me to come in. His office at Paramount was bursting with books, props, rolls of linens. I told him I'd have to wear an Egyptian false nose and he pounded the table. Baxter, your Irish nose stays in this picture. The sound stage sets were magnificent. It was all corny, sure, but DeMille knew it was corny—that's what he wanted, what he loved. I loved slinking around—really, this was silent film acting but with dialogue. Baxter worked regularly in television in the s. She appeared as one of the mystery guests on What's My Line?

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She also starred as guest villain Zelda The Great in episodes 9 and 10 of the Batman series. She appeared as another villain, Olga, Queen of the Cossacks, opposite Vincent Price 's Egghead in three episodes of the show's third season. She also played an old flame of Raymond Burr on his crime series Ironside.

She portrayed a murderous film star on an episode of Columbo , titled " Requiem for a Falling Star ". In , she had a role in Fools' Parade as an aging prostitute who helps characters played by Jimmy Stewart , Strother Martin , and Kurt Russell escape from the villain, played by George Kennedy , before an act of betrayal seals her fate. In , Baxter starred in the television series Hotel , replacing Bette Davis after Davis became ill.

Baxter married actor John Hodiak on July 7, [17] at her parents' home in Burlingame, California. Baxter and Hodiak divorced in At the time, she said they were "basically incompatible," [19] but in her book she blamed herself for the separation. Daily estrangement.

Things unsaid. Even a fight would have warmed us. To my shame, I'd picked one at last in order to unfreeze the word 'divorce. Baxter was a Republican who was active in the campaigns of Thomas E. Dewey [21] and Dwight D. In the mids, after her divorce from Hodiak, Baxter began a relationship with her publicist Russell Birdwell, who took control of her career and directed her in The Come On In , Baxter married her second husband Randolph Galt, an American owner of a neighboring cattle station near Sydney , Australia, where she was filming Summer of the Seventeenth Doll.

After the birth of their second daughter, Maginel, back in California, Galt unexpectedly announced that they were moving to a 4, hectare 11, acre ranch south of Grants, New Mexico. In , Baxter recounted her courtship with Galt whom she called "Ran" and their experiences at Giro in a well-received book called Intermission. Melissa Galt, Baxter's first daughter with Galt, became an interior designer and then a business coach, speaker, and seminar provider.

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Anne of Hollywood [Carol Wolper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Skirts may be shorter now, and messages sent by iPhone, but passion. Start by marking “Anne of Hollywood” as Want to Read: Carol Wolper re-tells the story of Anne Boleyn set in contemporary Los Angeles. Anne Boleyn, a beautiful and ambitious woman, marries her sister’s ex-boyfriend, Henry Tudor, a man so rich and powerful, he’s almost royalty.

Some of the clippings appear to have been torn off the wall; most of the ones that remain there show movie actors, grouped in various ways:. Despite his efforts in advance of the German invasion, Otto was unable to obtain a visa. Hollywood represented something else. Scott Fitzgerald, who knew a thing or two about the dreams of teen-aged girls albeit only of ones from a milieu akin to his own , spent time in Hollywood and wrote about its significance for the Jews who worked there.

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But his view of the matter was all too cynical and was tinged by his own frustrations in getting movies he worked on to reflect his own perspective. The annulment also began England's historic separation from the Catholic Church. As Boleyn gave birth to a girl, who would become the future Queen Elizabeth I, Henry became disenchanted with his current wife—like he was with his first—and began courting Jane Seymour, whom he wanted to marry. The only problem? He was still married to Boleyn.

Anne Baxter

How could Henry find reasons to end his marriage to her? While many historians believe these counts to be questionable, Boleyn was found guilty of incest, adultery, and intent to kill the king. She was beheaded in After her decapitation, Henry ordered all portraits of Boleyn to be destroyed. The 17th century painting that survived—based on an earlier portrait—is hanging on the walls of the National Portrait Gallery in London picturing a young woman decorated in pearls and a fitted bodice. One of his first love letters to Boleyn was enclosed with a gold bracelet.