Aromatherapy for Men: A Scentual Grooming and LifeStyle Guide For Every Male Using Essential Oils

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We have also drawn on feedback from friends and relatives, but most importantly from the thousands of people we have come in contact with through our work as aromatherapists, including many who have come to our workshops and demonstrations. They have all had stories to tell. He found that by exposing his students to different aromas found naturally occurring in nature, under controlled conditions, he could substantially influence their moods and energy levels. The professor documented his findings and termed this phenomenon scentual stimulation.

It was scientific validation for what aromatherapists and numerous other natural therapists have known for years - that our bodies react strongly and impressively to different fragrances. While science continues to try and unravel the mysteries behind the fourth wonder of the world - the sense of smell - millions of lay people are already tapping into the wonderful world of aromatics. How our olfactory receptor cells, located high in our noses, make sense of what they smell, discriminating infallibly between the fragrance of friends, the smell of newly cut lawn, a rose garden, burnt toast or a freshly-brewed pot of coffee, is one of the great secrets of the world.

As people everywhere search for ways to improve the quality of their lives in this sometimes unforgiving modern society, a greater awareness about the importance of staying in touch with nature is evolving.

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Every day our senses are being stifled by technology and the environment in which we spend our time. The message of this book is simple: wake up your mind and body with the power of essential oils. A man’s personal needs are uniquely different. Aromatherapy For Men: A Scentual Grooming and Lifestyle Guide For Every Male Using Essential Oils [Judith White] on *FREE* shipping on.

It is this very awareness which has led you to this book - and to us Karen and Judith putting pen to paper in the first place. What we have witnessed no scientist would ever be able to explain. That different blends of aromatic oils can elicit a specific response in the human body has engendered much disbelief and derision among many people not in touch with the workings and wonders of nature. Yet these oils - along with incense, perfume and sweet-smelling herbs - have been used since time immemorial.

When our ancestors were ill, they turned to the healing qualities of herbs and spices.

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They were inhaled, ingested, and worn as protective amulets. Arabic medicine in Medieval times consisted of recipes using herbs, flowers and spices to cure illness. Plagues raged through 17th century Europe, which was beset by unsanitary conditions.

Hollow fragrance-filled walking sticks and pomanders were carried, and the aromatics they contained were continually inhaled to ward off unpleasant odours and to protect against air-borne infections. There has rarely been a period, including our own, when odours and oils have not been important to the care of the body and mind. In fact, many of the essential oils that healed, soothed and stimulated our ancestors are ingredients which herbalists and modern perfumers still employ.

Whether you realise it or not, the smells that surround you can change your mood, lift or lower your spirits, attract others to you or put them off. They can energise or demoralise. As a matter of fact, sensory specialists, like our researcher Minchin, have now established that smells can influence where you stand or sit in a room, how long you will stay and how much you will enjoy yourself and the others in the room with you. Working and playing in a harmonious odour environment can instil confidence, help you concentrate and give you a psychological edge.

There is an inner environmental revolution taking place and at its centre are our collective noses. Not since the early Egyptians have so many recognised the importance of fragrance in helping each of us enhance our personal environments. Air cleansing machines have taken their place in homes, offices and public spaces across the country.

No wonder then that fragrance history has begun to repeat itself and that we are re-evaluating the environments in which we spend our lives.

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All five senses are in full play, with emphasis on the most neglected - smell. We invite you to follow us and them on this journey along the royal road to the sub-conscious, using the tried and tested blends of essential oils to evoke psychological and sensory responses. We want to share with you the secrets of an aromatic lifestyle which has transformed both of our lives. These oils are intrinsic to our nature which is akin to the alchemy of blending.

We will show you how to bring the essence of nature into your daily life. Importantly, the essential oils we work with and recommend are totally supportive of nature.

The oils are extracted only from small portions of the plant, and for the most part, there is no destruction of the plant and it regenerates rapidly. The application of these essential oils to human use is broadly termed aromatherapy.

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Inhalation IN — Citrus oils are generally relaxing but not tiring by inhalation , especially when mixed with some of your other favorites such as Lavender, Spikenard, Jasmine, and many more. Then in the 3 rd week, start adding the bridge — all of it or part of it, however you like. My entire house smells amazing. Here's a list of translations. Mix these basic scents together in the combination that will most resemble brown sugar. As you hold it in your mouth, saliva begins to flow which softens the Mastic, chewing becomes easier and the floral taste softens and becomes quite pleasant.

These oils have many uses and there are many ways they can be used. The body is the hero when it comes to healing, and this is a basic principle and understanding of natural health.

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The essential oils simply stimulate the already active healing, calming and regenerative mechanisms within us. Essential oils can assist in the treatment of physical, emotional and mental conditions.

Welcome to the synergy of scent and sound.

They can very effectively be used for skin care and in therapeutic massage. Even when used solely for sensual pleasure, they can positively enhance and enrich your daily life. Some years ago, the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, recognised the value of aromatherapy when he spoke of the benefits of an aromatic bath and scented massage in restoring and maintaining physical and mental health.

Even the Biblical scriptures speak of such healing power in the plant kingdom. Moses was directed to make a healing potion from flowing myrrh, sweet cinnamon, calamus, cassia and olive oil. Science has since established that such a potion has powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Myrrh is an effective antiseptic and its healing effects on open wounds, ulcers and the like are well known. Throughout the ages, men and women learned in the various forms of medicine have long realised the tremendously powerful and diverse medicine cabinet that nature provides in its plant kingdom.

The essential oils which are extracted from plants all over the world and used by aromatherapists provide us with natural tools to maintain and restore our physical and mental balance. Aromatherapy simply means a therapy using aromas. The aromas come from the plant kingdom - flowers, trees, bushes and herbs. The relevant part of the plant, the wood of the sandalwood tree, the petals of the rose, the leaves of rosemary bushes, berries of the juniper tree, etc, is put through this process of distillation, where the volatile, odiferous substance is captured.

It is this liquid which is known as the essential oil.

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