Dein Weg mit mir: Eine Gebets- und Gedankensammlung (German Edition)

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Weep not that I now farewell Bid the world and all its errors, Far from vain deceits to dwell, Far from darkness, far from terrors: Weep not that I take my flight Toward the land of endless light. Weep not—lo! Selig sind die Todten, die in dem Herrn sterben. Stehts doch sehr gut um mich. Fahr hin, o Angst und Schmerzen, Fahr immer, immerhin! On the Burial of a Child. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. My race is now completed, And were that last good-night A thousand times repeated, My gain would well requite. Dear friends! Since I am now at rest. Wer sind die vor Gottes Throne?

Welcher Streit und welcher Krieg Hat gezeuget diesen Sieg? Saints in Glory.

He that overcometh shall inherit all things, and I will be His God, and he shall be My son. Each a golden crown is wearing— Who are all this glorious band? Alleluia, hark! Who are these, who palms are clasping, Like a conqueror, in their hand, When he sees his foeman gasping, Stretched before him in the sand? What the combat, who the foes, Whence this joyful triumph rose? Whence come all this glorious band? Good Supreme! Free He gives the cooling stream. Oh that, Lord, with Thee connected Like a living branch I grew!

Make me one of Thine elected, Let me here be born anew; Keep from stain my garments free, Let me no dissembler be. With that holy throng uniting, Then what rapture shall be mine! Christi Fusstapfen. Seht auf die mit eifrigem Verlangen, Die Ihm nach und euch sind vorgegangen; Schaut an ihr Leben, Wie sie euch dazu ein Beispiel geben.

Er wird euch, wenn einst es kommt zum Scheiden, Statt der Noth mit seiner Ruh bekleiden: Ihr habt zu hoffen, Was von niemand hier wird angetroffen. The Footprints of Christ. Hebrews xii.

O fear not, Christians, that rough path to tread, Whereon blest Footprints of your Saviour lead, His bliss to gain, Who went not up to joy but through sharp pain: Gaze on that countless host with steadfast eyes, His followers, your fore-runners to the skies, And scan their life, Examples each with holy lessons rife. Die Himmelsstadt. The Heavenly City. Hail, glorious City! Who are these myriads bright, whose glorious band In countless throng appears, By Jesus sent to meet me on the strand Of this dark land of tears?

When God to his blest paradise of joy My soul at length shall raise, Pleasures shall fill my mind which never cloy, My mouth glad notes of praise: Voices in concord vying There Alleluia sing; Unwearied still replying, There loud hosannas ring. In notes of exultation Unnumbered voices rise, As since the first creation They echo through the skies. Das unschuldige Lamm. Was schadet mir des Todes Gift!

Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel

The Spotless Lamb. He is brought as a lamb to the slaughter.

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The same faithfulness Gessner expresses thus: Wie wiirde jeder traurige Ton, der in der Natur um mich her tonte, wiird er nicht mit der marternden Angst mich schreken? Our research has never had any government or institutional funding, so if you found the information here useful, please consider making a donation. Feldhausen kam auch wieder nach Hause, hatte sich aber nicht verirrt gehabt, sondem die Nacht hatte ihn iiberfallen, so dass er nicht konnen nach Hause kommen. Darinnen stehet die Liebe: nicht das wir Gott geliebet haben, sondern dass Er uns geliebet hat. KK C New York : Garland Pub.

Then all day long and every day My thoughts on this remaining, Such love with love I will repay, Love constant and unwaning. Aufsehend auf Jesum. Looking unto Jesus. Grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Peter , iii. Lord, let me ever bear in mind, And let my faith embrace Thy love to me and all mankind, And may Thy cheering grace In hours of sorrow comfort give, And cause me after death to live, And thank Thee for Thy love.

O Herr, ich sehne mich nach Dir; Befreie mich und hilf doch mir. Devotedness to God. My soul is athirst for God.

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O Lord! My God, for Thee my soul doth thirst, For Thou alone my bonds canst burst. Let every thought and feeling be Henceforth directed, Lord, to Thee: Let heart and mind, by Thee possest, Now seek in Thee alone their rest. For now the joys of heaven above Alone have power my heart to move. Anrufung des Heiligen Geistes. Invocation of the Holy Spirit.

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Come, my new life to cherish, My constant Guest abide; Lest after all I perish, Daily new strength provide: My heart make clean and sound, That I due praise may render, And worthy service tender, To Thine allegiance bound. Thy bliss no sorrow knoweth, Spirit of Holy Joy! All discord wouldst Thou smother, Spirit of Holy Love! With steadfast heart and joyous Confirm our Christian band, While ready to destroy us The powers of darkness stand; That so no Christian may, With well-proved weapons furnished, And armour brightly burnished, To Satan fall a prey.

According to Thy pleasure Our term of days dispose; And when they reach their measure, And earthly scenes must close, Spirit of Holy Faith! In that dread hour be near us, With gladsome thoughts to cheer us, Of life that knows no death! Was Gott thut, das ist wohl gethan; So denken Gottes Kinder. Wer auch nicht reichlich erndten kann, Den liebet Gott nicht minder.

Was Gott thut, das ist wohl gethan; Es geh nach seinem Willen.

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Dein Weg mit mir: Eine Gebets- und Gedankensammlung (German Edition) eBook: Stefan Geschwie: Kindle Store. Dein weg mit mir eine gebets und gedankensammlung german edition. Fermanagh miscellany How to build an icf home learn how you can quickly easily.

Was Gott thut, das ist wohl gethan; Lasst in Geduld uns fassen! Kommt, lasst uns Ihn erheben! Trust in God. Godliness with contentment is great gain. What God hath done is done aright; Cease, faithless tears, to trickle; What though our harvest He doth blight, Ere we put in the sickle!

What God hath done is done aright, May He submissive make us!

Eine Übung im Stillesein

Gott lebet noch! Seele, was verzagst du doch? Soll Der schlummern oder schlafen, Der das Aug hat zugericht? The Christian to his Soul. Lord, Thou hast been our refuge from one generation to another. God liveth still! Trust, my soul, and fear no ill: God is good; from His compassion Earthly help and comfort flow; Strong is His Right Hand to fashion All things well for men below: Trial, oft the most distressing, In the end has proved a blessing: Wherefore then, my soul, despair? God still lives, Who heareth prayer. Trust, my soul, and fear no ill: He who gave the ear its mission, Shall He slumber once or sleep?

He who gave the eye its vision, Sees He not when mortals weep? God is God; His ear attendeth, When the sigh our bosom rendeth; Wherefore then, my soul, despair? Trust, my soul, and fear no ill: He who gives the clouds their measure, Stretching out the heavens alone; He who stores the earth with treasure, Is not far from every one: God in hour of need defendeth Him whose heart in love ascendeth: Wherefore then, my soul, despair?

Trust, my soul, and fear no ill: When the world would let thee perish, Pathless all thy tangled way, God the nearer draws, to cherish Him who makes the Lord his stay: Children oft that most He loveth Thus with strictest rod He proveth: Wherefore then, my foul, despair? Trust, my soul, and fear no ill: Be thy life, until its ending, One long course of grief or need, God, in love the trial sending, Thus to heaven thy soul would lead: There will dawn, when cares are ended, Joy and peace for ever blended: Wherefore then, my soul, despair?

Ach, was ist doch unsre Zeit? Unser Leben fleucht behende; Mensch, bedenke doch das Ende! The shortness of Life. So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. What is human life below? Passing show! Vapour, smoke, and fleeting shade: Man, when few short years have flown Is cut down, As by scythe the springing blade: Years roll on, and make no stay; Ponder, Man, thy latter day.

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Man is like to fragile glass, Fading grass, Flower whose petals soon are strewn: Ah! Years roll on, and make no stay; Ponder, Man, thy latter day. Youth, to which we may compare Roses fair, Pales, and must its charms forego: All that men of pomp or state, Highest rate, Soon shall be by death laid low: Years roll on, and make no stay; Ponder, Man, thy latter day.

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Death is that which must befall Great and small; Banish trivial cares of earth: Far beyond the things of time Thou must climb, Wouldst thou win immortal birth: Years roll on, and make no stay; Ponder, Man, thy latter day. Let thine heart oft contemplate That high state, Where no grief shall come, or pain: Let this theme thy soul employ, Heavenly joy, Wouldst thou once that joy obtain: Years roll on, and make no stay; Ponder, Man, thy latter day.