La fabrique de mariages, Vol. I (French Edition)

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Contributors from the US, Britain and continental Europe examine the ways in which the slave economy touched on individual lives and economic developments in German-speaking Europe, Switzerland, Denmark and Italy. The chapters range in time from the first, short-lived attempt at establishing a German slave-trading operation in the s to the involvement of textile manufacturers in transatlantic trade in the first quarter of the nineteenth century. A key theme of the volume is the question of conscience, or awareness of being morally implicated in an immoral enterprise.

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Evidence for subjective understandings of the moral challenge of slavery is found in individual actions and statements and also in post-abolition colonisation and missionary projects. Domingues da Silva aux Cambridge University Press , coll. Domingues da Silva explores not only the origins of the slaves forced into the trade but also the commodities for which they were exchanged and their methods of enslavement.

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April , Coburg, Druck der Diez'schen Hofbuchdruckerei, , p. Milun ms. A Court in Germany ordered that access to certain items in the Project Gutenberg collection are blocked from Germany. If there are grounds for restriction on processing, for example if you contest the accuracy of your personal data, it will be stored and processed otherwise only if you consent or to exercise legal claims, or for the protection of rights of another natural or legal person. Such promotions, contests and sweepstakes will also be governed by the rules and regulations posted with such promotions, contests and sweepstakes. Al nun de Deu, qui od nus seit, e qui sa grace nus enveit, voeil en romanz mettre en escrit, si cum li livre nus dit…. A, inc.

Daniel B. Weaver aux Oxford University Press , coll. Stewart Weaver arranges the history of world explorations into thematic chapters, each of which isolates the distinctive qualities and characteristics of exploration in a particular era, period, or place. James Cook and the place of exploration in the Enlightenment form the subject of a chapter.

But what accounts for this urge?

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Through this unique survey of the history of exploration, Weaver clearly shows how the impulse to explore is also the foundation of the globalized world we inhabit today. Being clear and transparent about how FashionUnited editors work reporting the news, about who and what our sources are and how we use them, lies at the core of the editorial ethics code published on this page. Special thanks to the Online News Association ONA for providing the online tools that have helped to write this code and making it as complete as possible.

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