LHistoire occultée des Palestiniens 1947-1953 (French Edition)

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The Making of a Muslim Gokhale 5. Browsing All Articles Articles. As they move through the trees the green fruits drop onto the orchard floor; the ancient cycle of the seasons providing another bountiful harvest. This collection of the thirteen articles presented at the conference in May advances the discussion of President Truman's recognition of the State of Israel, highlights ongoing research in international archives, and reviews efforts in the advocacy of peace made possible by the Institute. Sikhs Come Out of the Orbit of the Congress 5. Migrating to the promised land: a tale of two cities-- 7. But the isolated occasions of violence during the British Mandate era suggest that the majority of Palestinian Arabs yearned to live and thrive under peaceful coexistence with the evolving Jewish national enterprise.

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We, the undersigned call on French universities not to succumb to pressure to ban Anti-Apartheid Activist and Scholar Farid Esack from Speaking on Palestine It has come to our notice that various French Universities are coming under pressure to refuse Professor Farid Esack, a prominent figure in the South African anti-apartheid struggle for liberation, a leading gender justice activist and one of the most eminent international scholars on religious pluralism to speak on their campuses on the issue of Palestine.

Jeremy F. Rubriques Qui sommes nous? Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube E-mail. It is reached by a road topped a monumental portico remembering those who were at the entrance of the camps. We will leave the evening free to enjoy later full of atmosphere both magical and strange the city of Jerusalem. We advise you to leave you walking around the old city and enjoy its various Jewish neighborhoods, Muslim and Christian while enjoying the delicious dishes that offers the market souk inside the old city.

We leave the hotel to the Old City of Jerusalem and enjoy a guided tour to understand why it is a must. Every corner is full of historical facts, the diversity that you will encounter in this city is unique. The heart of the Old City of Jerusalem has a history that goes back more than years.

Annexed in , East Jerusalem and made the subject of an intensive policy of Judaization. This requires the expulsion of part of its Palestinian population, including more than 2, homes were destroyed, but mainly by the installation of Jewish settlers, whose numbers - , - now equal that of the Arab inhabitants. Historian and Israeli ambassador to Paris from to , he signed in the fall of a call Israeli personalities in the French Parliament that it invites the Government to recognize the State of Palestine.

Yehuda Shaul notably founded and directs the organization Breaking the Silence, an organization that collects and publishes the testimonies of soldiers who "control" of Palestinians from the West Bank. On this occasion, we will visit the Palestinian town, but we will also see the part occupied by settlers.

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We offer a tour of the city of Bethlehem in the West Bank city located about 10 km south of Jerusalem. It has about 30, inhabitants, mostly Muslim Palestinians now: Christians have massively left the town and the wider Palestine. For him, the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel is no longer possible.

Massacre à Gaza. Israël Palestine : 5 min pour comprendre un tournant historique

He will explain why, in his opinion, the "two-state solution" remains viable. We begin with the issue of water with a representative of the Palestinian Hydrology Group, which will explain its prerogatives. The group is responsible among other things to raise awareness on water supply. We then conclude with the issue of prisoners with the Addameer Association, Palestinian NGO which campaigns for the rights of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli and Palestinian prisons.

While in , the Palestinian Authority has given France a land of m2 in the heart of the city to build a new cultural center, a few hundred meters from the old building has been done immediately because of political differences between Hamas and Israel. But our host above all testify to what happened in Gaza in the summer of Saifi is Johayna activist of Tarabut-Hithabrut association.

Shlomo Sand is an Israeli historian specializing in contemporary history. It is part of the "new Israeli historians" and has written "The Invention of the Jewish People" which is controversial in the Israeli intelligentsia. Journalist and historian, the Middle East and particularly the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The training of "Le Monde Diplomatique". Israel: key dates, Zionism, the political landscape.

Appel de centaines de personnalités du monde entier contre la censure - [UJFP]

December 2, The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the oldest international conflict on the planet. For the present, Dominique Vidal conferences and Sandrine Mansour mingle the long history and topical. The first morning will be devoted to 25 key dates of this conflict, the crushing of the revolt of Bar Kokhba in AD to the aggression against the Gaza Strip in , and and to the ideology and the Zionist movement.

The afternoon will focus on the economy of the State of Israel, "best student in the class neoliberal" as well as its political landscape undergoing radicalization, with the most right wing government in its history. Palestine: History and future of the Palestinian movement. December 3, Today ignored the history of the Palestinian national movement should be retested to understand current issues.

First category of refugees in number according to UN statistics, Palestinians recall the issue of non-implementation of UN resolutions passed since the creation of the UN.

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The different Palestinian movements that emerged in the early twentieth century helped build what will become the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine. Both armed resistance movement and diplomatic resistance, the PLO will play a key role in the recognition of this issue and allow the construction of a national entity, despite the incessant occupation of Palestine.

Monde Diplomatique Editor. Dominique Vidal.

Sandrine Mansour. She is the author of The History of masked Palestinians, Privat, and co-author of Israel - Palestine conflict in textbooks Syllepse Alter Publisher, Why IAM?

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Ben-Gurion University. Hebrew University. University of Haifa. Tel Aviv University. Other Institutions. Boycott Calls Against Israel.

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Israelis in Non-Israeli Universities. General Articles. Anti-Israel Conferences. Anti-Israel Academic Resolutions. Lectures Interrupted. Activists Profiles. Readers Forum.

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