Meine Dramen (German Edition)

No Drama (German translation)
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The event made headlines worldwide, and sparked particularly anguished debate in the German Jewish community. They certainly did not view it as a threat to their existence, or even as a harbinger of a changing political climate in the Fatherland. On October 9, , C.

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Only one of them was in a Jewish paper. The front page of the October 9, edition of the C.

The editors of the C. They did, but they often dismissed it as poorly written, populist rubbish by a charlatan who should not be taken seriously. The explanation is simple, Grossman posited: A speaker is allowed a certain amount of lunacy; it actually makes him more appealing.

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Books, however, are different, since bereft of the company of likeminded people, heads are clearer and more rational. Hitler cites Jews involved in revolutionary movements but conveniently neglects leading Jews in conservative and reactionary circles.

One of the steadiest overseas markets, according the documentary, is India, where Mein Kampf has always sold well. The programme — Mein Kampf: Publish or Burn?

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Back in Germany, meanwhile, the first post-copyright edition is already being prepared, with suitable annotations. Frank McNally. The German copyright on Mein Kampf is about to expire. More from The Irish Times Stage.

New edition of Hitler’s Mein Kampf goes on sale in German bookshops and sells out instantly

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Mein Mann, ein Mörder Ganzer Film Drama 2013

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