Monologue Mastery: How to Find and Perform the Perfect Monologue

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The Monologue Detective

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Reciprocal Library Verification City of Chicago. She has been extremely successful at helping students find suitable material for scenes and monologues. I highly recommend her. I am much more excited to have new material that I love. The wonderfully specific ideas and directions you gave me in our coaching sessions opened up a whole new level of creativity and play in my monologues that I am sure will make my auditions stand out. It was a joy working with you. I was very impressed with her presentation and also her helpful and supportive approach.

She worked with me privately to discover a range of monologues that were more suitable for me than the ones I had been using.

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I heartily recommend Prudence to anyone who is having monologue selection or performance problems. Again, thank you, and I hope to see you soon. As I am currently working on an audition piece provided, I used the worksheet to bring me closer to the character and fill in the gaps with my own life experiences and imagination. It definitely helps to discover motives that are not seen on the surface, the hidden emotion found is what drives the monologue.

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I wish to be contacted with the results of the investigation. Ivana Chubbuck. Kenneth Anger. Welcome to Lulu! Quotes Add a Quote. To ask other readers questions about Monologue Mastery , please sign up. To get you in top form to before a performance.

Although aware of this method, this was a great re-cap, Thank you! Also the acting method were you should be as your character for a day and really imagine how the character will speak walk, e. As I'm auditioning for Alex I pretended to be a bad boy with no regrets. I really appreciate you taking the time to create this course as I have learnt new things that will help through my acting career.

Thank you. Justin E. When performing as Kat, I really felt the emotion.

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Thank you so much for putting this course together, it has been so helpful as I was struggling to find the perfect monologue but I have found it thanks to you. I have really enjoyed the little things to get into character such as listen to their favourite song and find an object and create a memory from it. Putting myself in the shoes of someone who has been oppressed has taken me on a emotional rollercoaster of sadness and anger even though I've never experienced what she has. It is so cool to play the role of another character in such a thought provoking way and I will continue to research these atrocities that occurred in Rwanda to get an even better insight into the character and her background to be able to effectively play the role.


Monologue Mastery: How to Find and Perform the Perfect Monologue [Prudence Wright Holmes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Click to read the full review of Monologue Mastery: How to Find and Perform the Perfect Monologue in New York Journal of Books. Review.

You are an amazing person and I cannot wait to meet you in October. I'm still like a virgin in acting and really, really enjoying your creation Blessings,. Acting Career Coach. As an award-winning Film Producer I have great passion for helping actors achieve their dreams. My courses and coaching sessions are designed to help professional working actors at any stage in their careers to achieve higher levels of mastery as well as career guidance and support. You need nothing less but to be a master of your craft. I am constantly in the look out for talent and I am more than willing to help them become masters.

I was born in Spain, Valencia. I have worked in theatre, cinema and TV in Spain and in England my multi cultural background has taught me the importance of the being an individual, never imitate, try to copy or compare yourself with other talent. There is absolutely no competition in this industry because no one can compete with your uniqueness. You are your greatest asset. In Monologue Mastery there are 9 monologues from amazing characters in legendary pieces of cinema and theatre and my blueprint for gaining unwavering confidence and advancing in your career in an unstoppable mode.

They come out of the course utterly transformed with a level of versatility that is truly astonishing. Their confidence and their ability and disposition to get exactly the work they want goes beyond what I expected when I was creating the course. I have made seven short films.

I published my first novel 'Mystic Dream' in I have written numerous acting courses, modules, and programmes over the years. Shakespeare in English for Spanish Actors. Physical Theatre.

Monologue Mastery : How to Find and Perform the Perfect Monologue

Monologue Mastery, that gives you an amazing, powerful, versatile repertoire of monologues and all the tools to perform them with complete mastery, every single time. One of my most popular programs is the 'Acting Career Road Map: 7 laser Focus Steps to fulfilling your acting career ambitions. If that is you, you are in good hands. It is my mission and my vision to make you Hollywood Royalty. I have been teaching Acting and Coaching Actors for over 15 years. I founded 'School of Theatre', an award-winning Dramatic Arts Academy that quickly rose to popularity teaching over new actors every month.

My school was soon very well know across the world. I personally helped my students get parts in a Hollywood film, get on tour with important Theatre Companies and get signed by notable Agents. I have learnt that most actors approach their career path the wrong way. In this profession it is imperative to know your 'why' why are you doing this? I am always on the lookout for new amazing talent to cast in my film projects.

The Backstage Guide to Delivering a Monologue

I deeply believe you can achieve everything you want. If what you want is to take full control of your acting career I can help you do that.

I have a strong believe that Actors need much more support and the tools to build up their confidence and their career. Method Acting Tutor. Inside Monologue Mastery Mini. The downloadable pdf files contain: The monologue text, character analysis, story background, Monologue segments, relevant information about the film.

Special details for the characterisation process.

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