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BOOS , autobus f.

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AOW-toh-boos , pullman m. The term pullman generally refers to larger intercity and modern tour busses, rather than local route vehicles. BOO-stoh button bottone m. KAHK-toh cadaver, corpse cadavere m. KAHL-koh-loh calligraphy, handwriting calligrafia f. KAHL-mah caloric adj. KAHN-kroh candelabrum candelabro m. KAHP-peh-roh capital city capitale f.

FILM COMPLETO IN ITALIANO, Spaghetti a mezzanotte (1981) con Lino Banfi ,Barbara Bouchet,Teo Teocoli

KAHP-soo-lah captain capitano m. Even a chariot falls into the embrace of carro! KAHR-ree-koh caricature caricatura f. KAH-zoh case container cassa f. KAHS-sah cashier, bank teller cassiere m. CHEH-droh celebrant celebrante m. CHEL-lah cell biological cellula f. CHEL-loo-lah cellular adj. CHEN-troh centigrade adj. KAH-ohs chaotic adj. KEE-mee-kah chemotherapy chemioterapia f.

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KOHR-roh choral adj. KREE-stoh Christian cristiano m. KROH-moh chromosome cromosoma m. KROH-nah-kah chronological adj. CHEER-koh-loh circuit circuito m. CHEER-koh cirrhosis cirrosi f.

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KLAHN clandestine adj. KLAHSseh classic, classical adj. KLOW-zoh-lah claustrophobia claustrofobia f.

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KLEHR-roh clerical adj. KLEE-mah clinic clinica f. KOH-stah coastal costiero adj. KOH-brah cocaine cocaina f. KOHK-tehl cocoa cacao m. KOHK-koh ; fruit noce f. The important noncognate senza always means without. KOH-mah combat, fight, fighting combattimento m. KOH-mee-koh comic, comical, funny adj. SOH-choh , socia f. That is, with a PYOO second syllable and a sharp consonantal ending! Indeed, the original Italian term for computer, the elaboratore m.

KOHN-soh-leh consular adj. BREE-djeh ah kohn- contraction contrazione f.

This term is a more common word for string than corda, although either will do. KOHR-neh-ah cornet cornetta f. KOHR-poh corpulent, portly adj. KOHZ-moh cost costo m. KAOW-boh-ee cramp crampo m. KRAHM-poh cranium, skull cranio m. KRAH-nyoh crater cratere m. KREH-spoh crest cresta f. KREH-stah criminal criminale m. KREE-zee criterion criterio m. KREE-tee-kah croquette crocchetta f. KROH-cheh crown corona f.

KROH-stah crustacean crostaceo m. KREEP-tah cryptography crittografia f.

KOO-poh-lah curator curatore m. CHEE-kloh cyclist ciclista m. DAH-gah , stiletto m. DAHN-seeng , ballo m. BAHL-loh dart dardo m. DAHR-doh data dati m. DEH-bee-toh debt debito m. DEH-bee-toh debtor debitore m. DEHN-teh and toothache—mal m.

DEH-spoh-tah despotic adj. DYEH-tah dietary adj. DEE-skoh discord discordia f. DEE-skoh disobedience disubbidienza f. MEH-dee-koh doctorate dottorato m. DOHG-mah dogmatic, assertive adj. DOHL-lahr-roh domain dominio m. DOH-seh doubt dubbio m. Remember that senza always means without. DOHT-chah dozen dozzina f. DREEN-keh drug droga f. DROH-gah dual adj. DEE-nah-moh dynasty dinastia f. EH-bah-noh eccentric adj. EH-koh eclipse eclissi f. EH-stah-see ecumenical adj.

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EH-goh egotism, selfishness egotismo m. EHN-fah-zee emphatic adj. EH-poh-kah equable, equitable adj. Ehoor-ROH-pah European europeo m. Rather, an Italian executive is invariably: amministratore m.

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FAHB-breekah fabulous adj. FAHT-chah facet faccetta f. FAHL-koh fallacy fallacia f. FAH-mah famous, famed adj. FAH-shee-noh fascist fascista m. FAH-toh fatigue fatica f. FEH-stah feat fatto insigne m. FAHT-toh [een-see-nyeh] feces feci f. FEH-chee federal adj. FEHM-mee-nah female, feminine adj.