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Other secrets include shoplifting as a child or getting caught drink-driving at some point in their past.

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A study also found that the average person has at least one secret they've been carrying for 15 years or more. People typically have two skeletons hidden away including an internet history they aren't proud of, debt, sexual turn-ons and phobias they've never shared. Respondents to a survey said the person they dread most unearthing one of their skeletons is their partner, while keeping a big secret from mum was also common. When asked what they thought would happen if their secrets were revealed to their other halves, most respondents feared a reaction of disappointment or even anger.

However, a quarter of those polled believed their partner would support them still if they did discover the secret. Skeletons recorded anonymously by respondents included wetting a friend's bed multiple times, swindling someone out of money, getting a colleague fired, and having a bump in the car. By Bethan Evans.

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Three in five of us have embarrassing skeletons in our closet Get the biggest Daily stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Media Audio edition Economist Films Podcasts.

New to The Economist? Sign up now Activate your digital subscription Manage your subscription Renew your subscription. Topics up icon. Blogs up icon. Current edition. Audio edition. Economist Films. The Economist apps. More up icon. Reuse this content About The Economist. A polarising election The Rajapaksas are back in power in Sri Lanka A convincing win for Gotabaya Rajapaksa in the presidential election divides the electorate on communal lines. And all the investment totally paid off. In-app purchases. Another great way to earn money from music apps is to invite users to buy something in the process of taking advantage of the program.

In-app purchases may include paid exclusive features, access to some special galleries, and so on And, of course, don't forget about advertising, it's certainly the easiest way to make social video apps profitable. Find advertisers interested in your target audience as potential consumers of their products or services and start earning. By the by, remember the first item on our list? So, a paid subscription may also include a "no-ads" mode.

Now you know how to recoup your cost to create a music app and not be at a loss. It's time to move on to more specific recommendations. Find your unique target audience.

This is definitely the main TikTok's success factor! The app owners decided to focus on gen Z and didn't fail. We don't tell you to copy the strategy exactly, try to find your own way. Think who your program might be useful too. And keep in mind that the TickLock service constantly studies its users, their tastes and preferences, analyzes the behavior inside the application You should act the same way. Keep up with the times. So, the audience is found, but that's just the beginning. To create a music app and succeed, you need to make sure your service will be in demand.

The Tik Tok app saw that short videos were popular, placed stakes on such a trend, and became a winner. Make a list of features. Focusing on the audience and bearing in mind the need to follow modern trends, make a list of features which might be helpful and interesting to your users. Try to show originality in order to compare favorably with your competitors, other social media video apps.

And, of course, don't forget the examples of TikTok videos features we've described above. Use the location factor. Mobile devices provide us with a lot of unique opportunities, and in our interest to take advantage of them to the maximum. Among others, these opportunities include the determination of the user's location. What does it mean when it comes to music apps like TikTok?

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Say, you can show the person all the users streaming a live broadcast in his location at the moment. Intuitive and user-friendly interface. It seems obvious, right? The interface of the video editing app like musicl.

Multi-platform support. You have to be ready to create a music app for Android and iOS mobile operating systems since you can't be absolutely sure which platform your users prefer the most. You must provide all the possibilities. Social networks. Yes, yes, we've already talked about it describing Tik Tok features, however, it won't be superfluous to repeat one more time.

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Thus, these people unobtrusively and unknowingly promote your program. Why should you choose us?

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There are a huge lot of reasons, and we'll specify only a few of them:. Vast experience. We've been working in the mobile and web market for a long time and know all the pitfalls which can be met in the process of developing an application or a website. And, of course, we know how to overcome them. High level of expertise. Years of experience leads to expertise, and the best proof is our projects.

The top 25 secrets people dread their family or friends finding out

Diverse specialists. Unique solutions. The logical consequence of the above points is an original approach to project development. We offer only unique solutions.

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Meeting deadlines. And, of course, you don't need to worry about the timing of the project completion. We're very punctual in this regard. Be updated on the latest digital news First Name. What is the TikTok Mobile App? What is it, after all? The principle of using TikTok First of all, the program offers a wide a great many ways and options to create musical videos. How does TikTok differ from other applications?

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Three in five Brits have a secret they dread friends or family finding out their partner, while keeping a big secret from mum was also common. Where could I find the secret to popularity in the New Testament? “We're number one!” shouted the cheerleader at a high school football game. I admired her.

See for yourself: Snapchat aims to distribute funny three-dimensional animated masks. Who love these social music video apps? History of the TikTok video clip app It all started with the musical service called Musical. By the way, among famous Music Streaming Apps, there is a well-known Spotify application. Click here to read all about it! Pandora application is another good example of Social Music Video Apps. Do you want to know more?