Return 2 Earth: Liberation Force (Book 2 from the E2E Universe) (The Escape 2 Earth Series)

Escape 2 Earth Universe
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Saturday, April 6, Enter the Spiral Galaxy. Sci-fi Journey Eight years ago a new galaxy was discovered by the human race. Journey with us to the planets Telderan and Deltor and beyond. Before we leave it would be wise for you to download the Lexicon of the Spiral Galaxy.

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It's a free guide that will help you as you make your way through the coming adventures. Science fiction. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. My name is Elysha aka Yard Sale. I come from the great state of Maine. Winter is my favorite season, I like to make latte art, I love the ocean, and I think hiking is alright.

Hi I'm Emily! Until then, I work as a lawyer at a big firm in NYC. I landed in the city-that-never-sleeps-outside almost 7 years ago after college in VA, and before that I did my growing up in NC.

I enjoy food, wine, friends, car camping, yoga, and debating the Big Questions. Wish me luck! Emma is an army veteran, a mechatronic engineer by trade, and an adventurer at heart. She grew up in the Swedish mountains, and somewhere in between chasing reindeer for photographs and her parents bribing her with chocolate to ski another mile, mountain life became a part of her. She played every sport she could fit into her schedule, and eventually came to compete in cross-country skiing and adventure racing.

All grown up questionable , she still chases endorphins every chance she gets, and also takes an interest in self-development, group dynamics and leadership. My name is Kevin, but you can call me by my trail name, Hungry Cat. Amongst other things, I keep a blog at unfetteredfootsteps. I consider myself well versed in getting lost, eating food buried in dirt on the trail, and in playing out mid-life-crises across multiple countries. In addition to hiking, I like to travel off the beaten path and just recently returned from trips to Vietnam, Cambodia, and New Zealand.

Life is for adventuring! Born and raised in South Carolina. Three years after graduating with an engineering degree, it is time to put the career on hold and chase a dream. I promise to be honest, attempt to be funny, bring up fishing more than once, and hopefully pet some dogs along the way.

Some call me Judge. I'm a Appalachian Trail thru-hike hopeful headed northbound. Coincidentally I currently work for a small outfitter known as REI. My name is Jacob Woods and I once had a marmot hug my leg on the top of a mountain. Late something attempting to thru-hike the PCT going Northbound. Union organizer, rugby player, sourdough bread lover. Looking for adventure and peace in the wilderness. My name is Jess. I hail from Florida. I'm a chronic nose picker. Sometimes I read books. I like all things peanut butter. I have a shy exterior and I think I might suffer from resting bitch face.

I have a knack for being too honest and sharing more information than is necessary. I caught the hiking bug back in and shortly thereafter began section hiking the AT. Every time I leave the trail it calls me back again.

It recently occurred to me that I spent the better part of my 20s in a cubical and that I have not lived the way my soul yearns to. This year I turned 30 and I decided to give myself the gift of the ultimate adventure. It all starts with my flip-flop thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.

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Join me as I wonder into the woods. My name is Julia. I an outdoorsy girl who loves animals, photography and sleeping.

Why does this feel oddly like a dating profile? Hi, I'm Chaunce, and I like walking and making a fool of myself on the internet. I'll also post a blog once every blue moon or several years. Don't bother reading my gear list unless you want to know what I thought I'd bring with me on the PCT in One day I'll update it. I'm Julie I fell in love with hiking at a very young age and have been wanting to thru-hike for what seems like forever.

Well, I've finally decided is my year!

Escape 2 Earth Universe

I'm quitting my Physical Therapy job in February and will be venturing off into the Appalachian Mountains shortly thereafter! I'm Kadi! I used to dream of living in a studio apartment in the city. Now I'm getting ready to head out for a long walk as a way to get a break from the rat race before diving head first into the building of a homestead with my husband and maybe raising Alpacas in the future, too. Just a girl who loves to get lost in adventures. Grew up being outdoors and loved it ever since. Fully embracing my journey one step a time.

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I invite you to follow along. Hi, my name is Kate. I'm 22 and currently living in Colorado. After a demanding 5 years in college I am graduating with my degree in chemical engineering from the University of South Florida this May!

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I took a semester off of school to hike the AT in and have had my sights set on the PCT for ever since. I'm hoping to learn a lot about myself and what I want in life before I kick start my career when I get back. Only time will tell. I am 26 year old born and bred Manhattanite who enjoys exploring and the outdoors. My family used to split our time among the city sites, our grandparents in the Pennsylvania forests, and our grandparents on a Minnesota farm.

I grew up wandering around and adventuring, but I found myself spending less and less time outdoors as I grew older, replacing the wild with equally wonderful trips to other cities. The Appalachian Trail has been a lifelong goal, and I decided that would be the year to give it a try. Off the trail, you will find me at great local coffee shops digging deep into a new novel: in , I decided to read books and start building up my perseverance for the AT. Here's to the friends, adventures, and blisters to come. I love the outdoors, hiking, skiing, scuba diving - you name it.

Hi, I'm Katherine!

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We have recently isolated a lot of strains from these fluid inclusions in the Naica caves —the one with those gigantic crystals. The EU needs to start behaving like a worthy Nobel Prize winner. Lechuguilla Cave, photograph by Dave Bunnell. While finding life's next step, I'm going to take a couple million towards Maine. Born and raised in the land of no hills, Iowa, I moved to Arizona and fell in love with the mountains of the west. For the last 3yrs I have been dedicated to personal growth and transformation in order to live a more fulfilling life free from the clutch of past trauma and societal standards I willingly adopted as my own.

But never fear, in February of , I'm dropping everything and heading to Georgia in pursuit of my AT thru-hike dream! I rarely know where I'm going but for now, to Maine is all the direction I need! I love to read, write, spend time with my awesome husband, and be outside! Follow my adventure as I take it one step at a time Hi, friends!

I love spending time outside, playing board games, and eating excessive amount of cheese. Backpacking huh? What's that you ask? Lets find out together. Hey there! My name is Kelly and I love backpacking.

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From the Camino de Santiago in Spain, to the AT to the New England Trail and so much more, my goal in life is to see as much of the world as possible via walking. Come along with me for the journey!!

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Enjoy the highlights on the Trek or follow me at www.