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I learned so much about what I really wanted and needed in my closet.

Simple Ways to Be More with Less (an interview with Courtney Carver)

Seven years later, I still dress with 33 items or less, and tens of thousands of people from around the world have tried the challenge. It makes me really happy to see what an impact this has had on closets and hearts from so many different walks of life.

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EL What are your top three tips for someone that is overwhelmed in their life, and seeking to start simplifying? CC I think understanding why over how , and having strategies around the bigger picture is important.


EL What are the biggest barriers you have found in decluttering and simplifying your life? I wanted my life back! The biggest obstacle I hear from others is not having a good support system. Keep going though. What usually happens is that the positive change you create inspires others to change too.

CC You naturally create more space and time but the largest benefits are more love, health, presence, and peace. I live in a much smaller space, work for myself, travel more, and sleep much better. Find Courtney at www. Casie Leigh Lukes is a digital content specialist for Experience Life. Your email address will not be published. City and state are only displayed in our print magazine if your comment is chosen for publication.

Such a refreshing spin on living a simple, minimilistic life. Thanks for a fresh reread on a wonderful idea to live better, connected and simple lives. Be more with less. Here are tips for minimalist living — downsizing your life, your possessions, and your schedule — from author and blogger Joshua Becker. Congratulations on handling your health so well. Did you have any background in personal development before that or is it basically when you started working on getting rid of stress?

Courtney Carver: It was really in that moment that I started to get very interested in personal development on my journey. Prior to that, my career specialty was sales and marketing. I have a creative background as well, but I never really considered myself in personal development. That seems to be a common shift. You sort of hinted at some things you learned to reduce your stress.

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Can you tell us about a couple of those? Courtney Carver: Sure. I always thought that I would have car payment, credit card payments, student loans.

For me to see that it was possible in other situations was really instrumental in my journey. Very good. What would say is the essence of your message, your blog message? Courtney Carver: The essence of my message or really what I do is to help people simplify their lives and do the work that they love. I think it really all boils down to that, that simplicity is in every message. I think those things a lot of us consider normal.

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They felt very normal to me, until I was on the other side and then I realized how, gosh, burdened I was with the excess. Then I have a couple of other places that I write as well. I generally post two to five articles a week. Courtney Carver: Yeah. I actually have a couple of other blogs, which you may find common with bloggers.

The #1 lesson from living with less

Courtney Carver's personal and practical. If you have imagined a life with less, reading this book is a great way to get started. Most of us have lived our adult lives working more, to make more, to spend.

We have other interests that may not be completely suited to one site. One of them is based on a minimalist fashion challenge that I created when I first started blogging called Project That includes clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry. I started the challenge for myself because clutter was abundant in my closet. It was the one place that I felt like I never had enough, but there was always too much, and so I took the challenge on myself to see what I might learn from that.

Hundreds of other people joined me right off the bat. Now, several years later, that fashion challenge is around the world, happening around the world and has been featured on The Today Show website and Oprah magazine. It really spoke to people when they realized how stressful it was to get ready in the morning with the excess in their closet. I write for project Courtney Carver: Then I also write for courtneycarver. Courtney Carver: I do accept comments on bemorewithless. Courtney Carver: I used to respond to almost every comment.

How I Became a Minimalist: My Story of Living with Less

Now, I really watch for questions. I read them all. Courtney Carver: Exactly. Now, I might check it once a day and let the comments go and then respond at the end of the week to anything that requires that. How is that unique or different than the others or is it? I always considered myself a simplicity blogger. Simplicity just lends itself to personal development because, all of a sudden, you have time to thoughtfully respond, instead of being in this reactionary lifestyle. Thank you. A lot of the aspects, other aspects of it are similar, but that is unique.

Here is why. Because blogging is such an interesting animal. When I started blogging, I had no idea that my business would look like it does now or my life, and so I know that, while I can think and plan and research and hope, things have a way of unfolding as they will.

I just am not really sure what that looks like for me in a few years. I do plan out within maybe six months to a year, maybe even 18 months. Courtney Carver: I do. The courses and e-books have sort been a pretty large part of my core business. If you can serve yourself, you can better serve everyone else throughout the day.

Then I have also written a couple of courses on micro-business and simple blogging.

I think, if we focus on researching it so much that we never get started, and so I wanted to create something super simple to help people launch their own blogs and tell their own stories. That has been a phenomenal experience. Do you have an overarching or an overall mission in life that your blog contributes to in some way, your vision for your own life which your blog then is part of?

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I think that my big mission is to remember to always get small in thinking about what means the most to me and keeping those things close.