Supernatural Anointing: A Manual for Increasing Your Anointing: Volume 3 (Shifting Shadows)

Supernatural Anointing : A Manual for Increasing Your Anointing
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There are too many independent worship leaders to list by name, and because there are so many, we are seeing a purity emerge in worship. The ones who focus on the Lord rather than on fame and finances seemto be the ones carrying the most anointing.

Supernatural Anointing: A Manual for Increasing Your Anointing (Shifting Shadows)

As you read the comments of Carl Tuttle, Danny Steyne, and Ray Hughes, you will begin to understand how the Lord has been leading the Western Church, specifically the American Church, into greater revelation of His presence and His heart. You will also catch a glimpse of where we are going fromhere. Throughout my life, worship has always drawn me right into the heart of Jesus. That connection releases whatever I need for life, and even more to give away.

Years after leaving Israel and finishing college, I found myself drawn to the Vineyard Christian Fellowship pastored by John Wimber, one of the founding members of the music group called The Righteous Brothers. He was the only pastor I had ever heard who talked about some of the same things that I had experienced in the supernatural, particularly as it relates to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

It was through his ministry that I realized how anointed worship carries us into the Anointing Himself and enables us to carry more of His anointing into everyday life.

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Supernatural Anointing: A Manual for Increasing Your Anointing (Shifting Shadows) (Volume 3) [Julia Loren, Barbara Yoder, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, James. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Sit on the edge of your seat and fasten your seat belt as you walk Supernatural Anointing: A Manual for Increasing Your Anointing ( Shifting Shadows Book 3) - Kindle edition by Julia Loren, Barbara Yoder, Bill.

Carl Tuttle2 was one of the key worship leaders at the Anaheim Vineyard Christian Fellowship at the time I was there from — But we not only received it; The anointing of revelation and healing begged to be released. The more we gave it away, the more we received. It kept us from becoming too self-focused and more solid in the realization that the anointing, the empowering that enabled us to release the gifts of the Spirit, was for others. Worship was, and will always be, central to experiencing the anointing. Worship in the Vineyard Movement paved the way for the healing gifts to flow and launched a renewal movement that swept across many mainstreamchurches.

I asked Carl about the anointing for worship during the days after the Jesus People move of God in the s when the new anointing for worship was more fully embraced by many churches around the world who shed the old ways and old songs for the new. Most specifically, I asked Carl what increases the anointing.

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What follows is an excerpt from my interview. Can you give me an example of a true anointing to lead worship?

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I mean there are people like myself who write by inspiration. I sing them and there they are. I watch people like Danny Clark who, in the early days of his leading worship, did not have the strong anointing that he has now. But now, when he leads worship I am just devastated because God comes. If you watch Lori Barnett lead worship, she is fully engaged with God as she leads worship. Eddy Espinosa, the weeping worship leader [who also led worship at Anaheim Vineyard]—his heart is so tender before the Lord, and when he leads worship you can tell he is fully engaged and models a beautiful thing.

Anddo you think that engagement with the Lordcreates a breakthrough for those who are listening or are entering in themselves? Yeah, absolutely. I think it helps.

The Power of the Anointing - Christ in You Vol. 2

It seems like John Wimber of the Vineyardmovement really broke open anointedworshipfor the rest of the nation after the Jesus People days brought in a freedom of expression. I know that John and Carol recognized it very early on. As it grew, they were very clear that this thing was going to go around the world. I look and Michael W. And I remembered what Carol had said. Part of it, I think, was the simplicity of it all.

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Iremember howsimple some of the worshipsongs were, andit just brought us closer into the presence of the Lord. The most anointedworshipsongs are simple, from the heart, andto the Lord. If you look at the most popular worship songs based on the CCLI [Christian Copyright Licensing International] listings, the vast majority of themare the ones that are transferrable and accessible to the public. The So things that people need to sink their teeth into or wrap their arms around need to be simple. It certainly helps.

When you were first starting off a worshipmovement andthe Vineyardwas becoming popular, what was it that increasedthe anointing? Well, I think we took God really seriously. He showed up. We were gathering together out of a hunger for Him, out of a desire to connect with God somehow.

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He met us there and that became really central to us then—that He remained the focus. So we took that sense that God would move among us really seriously. Oh, the people were engaged the whole time. I mean There was just a real flow of what we did, very seamless, and very, very God-centered. That ledme to ask for more ability to love Him, andministry just happened; it was amazing. The simplicity helpedus all engage in prayer as we were worshiping. And He was the focus. There was no cheerleading, there was no grandstanding, there was no drawing attention to yourself.

Our goal was to stay out of the way. Obviously, we had to play and we did as good a job as we could do. Obviously, John was a great musician. We did as well as we could do but we tried to stay out of the way of whatever God was doing and let Him be responsible for what was happening in the hearts and lives of people. So I never said, or rarely said, everyone stand or everyone lift their hands or everyone clap or anything.

I never did that sort of instruction. I always felt like There would be one person on their knees and another person with their hands in the air and another person sitting in quietness before the Lord and so we just felt like it was important that the Holy Spirit orchestrate what took place during worship and it not be directed so much by us.


When Isee people in worshiptoday, Isee some of the people fully engagedandmost of the people not. Andthe further the people are away from the platform, the less engagedthey are. Howdo you get the whole room into the same place of engagement with the Lord? Church can be different from a conference and personally I think it needs to be different. I think people enter in whatever level of faith they are at.

You know you can drive up to the parking lot and you can sit; you can look out at the ocean at the people on the sand; or you can get out of the car and sit on the wall. Or you can get on the sand and lay out; or you can put your feet in the water; or you can dive all the way in. So you could have five different experiences or more and all are at the same I think church is like that; there are people that are just ready to dive in and there are people that are going to sit in their cars with their windows rolled up and observe.

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So I kind of leave that up to the Holy Spirit to draw people in, as they are ready. Let God be God. We do our little part and let Him be God. I just got a letter from a gal who was in a conference we did in , 26 years ago, telling me that during our meetings at Western Central Hall in London, God met her. I remember really clearly we just led worship, and in quietness the Spirit of God moved throughout the room. Nobody said anything, nobody did anything, and nobody encouraged anything.

I remember this scream, and in the midst of that she was delivered. And 26 years later this lady has a testimony of a transformed and changed life because God sovereignly met her and delivered her in that place. Nobody claimed to have anything to do with it. We were all just like observers. When she wrote me, I remembered exactly what she was talking about. I love that stuff. So what are the topthree things you say that kill the anointing for worshipor for any kindof ministry?

Pride would probably be number one of the list. I think it hurt Saul really bad. I think pride is the opposite of humility and so it just undermines what God is doing. Along with that, just being egocentric.

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I remember one night we were in the gymnasium at the end of worship. It was just quiet. And in our particular deal, you would notice it would be really calm and at that time somebody would prophesy. Well, all of the sudden this guy started prophesying and I mean loud, in a very forceful voice, and I thought Oh boy. Then I heard over to my right, where John was sitting at the keyboard, this groan coming from John.