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Celestial Blues Series
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It's a pretty shoddy set up for an entire novel, but, here we go. The characters don't change much over the next few hundred pages and mostly continue to reiterate the same worries and concerns they had about each other in the first book. This story has the same merits and flaws as the first. Jun 15, Catherine rated it it was amazing Shelves: awesomeness , awesomeness I actually liked this book. The ending was very good and set up the third and final book very well.

Kit isn't torn between two men but she also doesn't hold punches either. She's not my normal heroine and in a world where a lot of books seem to be about finding and keeping a man, this one isn't so much about keeping a man, but knowing when to let go too. Feb 12, Don Hart rated it it was ok. I just could not get invested in this book. The plot was not great and most of the book involves wallowing in angst by the two main characters.

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Vicki Pettersson's The Lost pretty much picks up where we left off, granted it is a few months later. Grif and Kit are living pretty happily together.

But there's still some strain between them. Mostly because Grif has nightmares and calls out his ex-wife, Evie's name out at night. I guess I wasn't really made aware of what being somewhat human meant for Grif. He still has his angel powers and what not and still must help souls cross over when he's told to by his boss. But it also means he will Vicki Pettersson's The Lost pretty much picks up where we left off, granted it is a few months later.

But it also means he will never age. And Sarge, his boss, tries to tell Grif this and why a relationship with a completely human Kit might not be a good idea. There was that factor and the other factoid that Kit doesn't seem to realize that Grif helps dead souls cross over. When someone is set to die, he's told and told when to help them out. But Kit believes that he should be preventing all their deaths.

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Help to save them and give them a second chance at life. Like he did for her. I mean I get her point and all, but sometimes, I think she is acting a little naive. I mean, people are going to die.

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And it's better to have a Centurion like Grif help them to their next destination, rather than left to wander earth forever. Needless to say, this becomes an endless issue between the two. There's still romance and fire between them, which despite my misgivings on how this relationship could ever make it, was really, truly wonderful. You can tell that at the end of the day, Grif and Kit do love one another.

But it still had me worried. I guess I missed the bit where Grif wasn't going to age in the first one. It's mentioned this time around at least, and it had me wondering, how will Grif and Kit make it? Even more pressing, it seems Kit has another pursuer after her heart and I wonder if maybe she'll go to him? Grif does get wrapped up in wanting to solve his and Evie's murder. Evie practically consumes him even past the grave. There are just sooo many obstacles between Grif and Kit that I am left wondering if they're meant to be together!! But then, like I said, there are those wonderfully special moments they have together and all seems right with the world!

Vicki really knows how to play with my heart! The mystery this time around gets to be pretty messy.

A drug is going around that kills people in the most horrible kind of way. It's a brutal, addicting drug that pretty much kills you the moment you start it. There's no way to cut yourself off from it and you're pretty much doomed. And then there's the drug dealers who can get pretty scary.

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We even get the point of view from our villain. We don't know who she is--because it does get revealed quickly that it's a woman--but we know that she's dangerous and means business and has no qualms about getting rid of Kit if she proves to be a problem. I totally did not see this villainess coming! Kit and Grif also continue to look into Grif and Evie's murder. I can totally see the series ending with the big mystery being solved.

The Taken: Celestial Blues

As to where that will leave our characters is anyone's guess. But a pretty shocking reveal came along regarding the case and I totally wasn't expecting it! It will definitely lead to more interesting developments next time around!

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Books in the series. The PDF version of the book features high-resolution images, and is laid out beautifully, with Hancock's images interspersed throughout the text. Unfortunately, another case has fallen into her lap—one with dangerous implications. There's no place like home for the horrordays—unless you'd prefer a romantic midnight walk through a ghost-infested graveyard. Upcoming Reviews.

The pacing to this one was a bit better than the first one I think. It moved along rather well. Perhaps because we know more about our characters and their pasts. We already have a better concept of the worldbuilding, so the pace can just move seamlessly along. Overall it was a good read and I am definitely liking this series, if not outright loving it. Although, I did totally love when a character walked in wearing a burning bunny pin!

Celestial Blues - Andy Bey (The Avener Rework)

A total Kim Harrison moment as I know the two authors are friends! You just gotta love those kind of moments!

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Mar 22, Sharon rated it really liked it. She writes dark urban fantasy and that means characters must make hard decisions and sacrifices to do what is right. The Lost is the second book in the Celestial Blues trilogy, and what I love about trilogies is the series arc has to move at a fast pace. We get some shocking information in regard to all three storylines in this book and I for one am dying to know how this is going to play out. Each book also has a thriller mystery that is solved by the end of the book. In The Lost, Kit and Griff stumble into a turf war between drug gangs.

There is a new drug called krokodil that causes the flesh to fall off the bones of users. The mystery has some twists I didn't see coming and the gang leaders are truly dark and twisted characters. We also finally get to meet a fallen named Scratch, and I really liked this character and his role in the world building. Vicki nailed what a creature from the Eternal Forrest would be like.

I have a love hate relationship with this series and therefore this book.